Drones are our Specialty

Our fleet of travel-ready drones, MoVIs, and experience are an asset to your film, broadcast, or commercial production. With the latest gear and hundreds of flight hours on a wide variety of shoots, we have the tools and experience to elevate your production.

We Are Professional

We love the freedom that flying a camera gives us and capturing unique footage is our passion, but we are also serious about our work. We are fully licensed pilots, FAA approved, and fully insured. We have been at this for years and pride ourselves in providing exceptional, legal aerial footage.

We are 100% Compliant

There is a lot of confusion in the market today when it comes to the legalities of commercial drone operation. We work hard to meet all the requirements to fly legally. We are fully certified pilots, we fly registered drones, and we know how to comply with regulations.


The combination of drones and camera stabilizers has revolutionized the way stories are told by providing unparalleled creative freedom to filmmakers. Here is an overview of a few tools we use to provide that freedom to our customers.


The FreeFly MoVI m5 and m10 are the best handheld/mountable camera stabilizers available today. Featuring a wide range of mounting possibilities including handheld, crane, dolly, tripod, vehicle, and drone, this gimbal/motorized camera head is an incredibly versatile production asset.


We use a variety of small quadcopters to fly tiny 4k cameras including the GoPro Hero4 and Inspire 1. These multirotors are tuned for specific applications such as indoor flying, high speed tracking, long range, and more complex sequences.


We use the revolutionary MoVi M5 and M10 to provide the highest quality stabilization possible on this custom built X8 Octocopter. This setup features exceptional wind performance and compact size.

FreeFly Alta Drone
Heavy-Lift Hexacopter

Built to fly our MoVI m5 and m10 stabilizers both below and above the hexacopter, this setup enables an unparalleled level of flexibility when it comes to cameras and lens choice.

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